DCC741 Transform Caddy Bag


Transform Caddy Bag was born!!

●You can assemble caddy bag by yourself.
●You can take caddy bag apart, and stowed small.
●You can enjoy color change.
●Pursuit of golfer’s usability!

【You can assemble caddy bag by yourself.】
Transform Caddy back is a caddy back of the type you assemble yourself.
The bag part of the main body is removable.

【You can take caddy bag apart, and stowed small.】
The frame connecting the handle and the bottom can be removed, it can be stored compactly.

【You can enjoy color change.】
Body cover 4 faces are plug-in type, you can change clothes.
The handle is a replacement type, you can change the color according to the body of the cover.
* Dress up is sold separately.

【Pursuit of golfer’s usability!】
Handles are on both sides so it is convenient to carry around.
The handle and frame adopt lightweight · high strength carbon and boron.

How to assemble DOCUS Transform Caddy Bag??


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Transform Caddy Bag

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Made in China
No. Caddy Bag【DCC741】
Size 9
Color White/Black
Material PU
Weight 2.8kg
Remakes Frame mouth:Divided into 6
Shoulder belt
Hood Cover, Name Tag
Price DOCUS Transform Caddy Bag 【DCC741】 ¥55,000(+TAX)


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