Absolute distance with absolute stability. The DCD702 minimized the roundedness in the overall shape of the club head to maximize the Moment of Inertial while maintaining a traditional profile. In addition, the 455cc shallow face provides the player with more confidence and forgiveness over the ball to manage their trajectory.

There lefty model

※ SLE rule conforming model

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Shaft Positioning Map


Assembled in JAPAN
Head Material Face:6-4 Titanium /
15-3-3-3 Titanium
Body:6-4 Titanium
Manufacturing process: Casting, Black IP
Loft(°) 9.5 / 10.5
Lie(°) 59
Volume(cc) 455
Head Weight(g) 195
DOCUS Slugger Shaft Flex R / S / X
Shaft Weight(g) 58(S)
Length(Inch) 45.25
Swing Weight D1
Kick Point Mid(S)
Torque(°) 3.4
Total Weight(g) R:300 / S:302 / X:304
DOCUS Longbow Shaft Flex R / SR / S
Shaft Weight(g) 52(S)
Length(Inch) 46
Swing Weight D2
Kick Point Mid
Torque(°) 4.5
Total Weight(g) R:288 / SR:290 / S:292
DOCUS Slugger Type D Shaft Flex SR / S / X
Shaft Weight(g) 69(S)
Length(Inch) 45.25
Swing Weight D2
Kick Point Mid
Torque(°) 3.3
Total Weight(g) SR:312 / S:314 / X:316
Tour AD MJ5 Shaft Flex R2 / R1 / S
Shaft Weight(g) 55(S)
Length(Inch) 45.25
Swing Weight D1
Kick Point Mid
Torque(°) 4.7
Total Weight(g) R2:298 / R1:298 / S:300
Price DOCUS Slugger Shaft-mounted model ¥90,000
DOCUS Longbow Shaft-mounted model ¥85,000
DOCUS Slugger Type D Shaft-mounted model ¥90,000
Tour AD MJ5 Shaft-mounted model ¥85,000


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