Large shallow head has a big sense of security is also projected area, which boasts a high moment of inertia. Just realize a shape appropriate to the “overwhelming kindness”. He caught the ball with confidence in that was set to strengthen the center of gravity angle, build a strong high trajectory in the shallow head and a low center of gravity design. High rebound model is somewhat designed to facilitate the launch well image a strong trajectory of the ball in the deep back shape.
Also sole dug groove reduces the deflection close to the toe side of the face, keep the caught excessive at the time of toe hit.
Heel side to reduce the slice to increase the deflection by increasing the distance between the face.

~New proposal to hit a long ball with the high coefficient of restitutions and mash factor~
DCD703G driver’s face material is 15-3-3 titanium, the face thickness of SS parts is as thin as 2.9mm.
With it has the high coefficient of restitutions(about 280μs), it is good to catch with shallow face and the large center of gravity angle, and realize high draw ball automatically.
The biggest factor of loss distance is the ball which is not caught, the large rubbed slice ball.
The reason why we recommend DCD703 drive is it can improve spectacularly smash factor with high coefficient of restitutions which is the biggest factor of loss distance while showing the high coefficient of restitutions.
The greatest part of the coefficient of restitution is the center part of the face. Therefore, no matter how crank up the coefficient of restitution, you can not get the maximum flying distance unless you hit the ball at the face center.


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Shaft positioning map


Assembled in JAPAN
HEAD Material Face:15-3-3-3 Titanium,
Manufacturing process: Casting,Black IP
Loft(°) 10.5 / 11.5
Lie(°) 60
Volume(cc) 460
Head Weight(g) 192
DOCUS Longbow Shaft Flex R / SR / S
Shaft Weight(g) 52(S)
Length(inch) 45.5
Balance D0
Kick Point Mid
Torque(°) 4.5
Total Weight(g) R:286 / SR:288 / S:290
DOCUS Longbow 2 Shaft Flex R / SR / S
Shaft Weight(g) 51(S)
Length(inch) 45.5
Balance D0
Kick Point Low
Torque(°) 5.5
Total Weight(g) R:281 / S:282 / X:284
DOCUS Slugger Shaft Flex R / S / X
Shaft Weight(g) 58(S)
Length(inch) 45.25
Balance D0
Kick Point Mid-Low
Torque(°) 3.4
Total Weight(g) SR:294 / S:296 / X:298
DOCUS Slugger Type-D Shaft Flex SR / S / X
Shaft Weight(g) 69(S)
Length(inch) 45.25
Balance D0.5
Kick Point Mid(S)
Torque(°) 3.3
Total Weight(g) SR:305 / S:307 / X:310
DOCUS Slugger 2 Shaft Flex SR / S / X
Shaft Weight(g) 65(S)
Length(inch) 45.25
Balance D0
Kick Point Mid-Low
Torque(°) 5.6 / 5.2 / 4.8
Total Weight(g) SR:299 / S:303 / X:307
Price DOCUS Longbow Shaft-mounted model ¥97,000
DOCUS Longbow 2 Shaft-mounted model ¥97,000
DOCUS Slugger Shaft-mounted model ¥102,000
DOCUS Slugger Type-D Shaft-mounted model ¥102,000
DOCUS Slugger 2 Shaft-mounted model ¥97,000


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