A pure blade iron with maximum forgiveness. The SS400 stainless steel head provides a soft, mushy feel while maintaining the solidness at impact. The ‘H-Back’ muscle enables the CG to be located lower in the head than a traditional blade muscle back while still having the stunning look of a sharp blade behind the ball. The sole features a Double-Cut Sole for improved turf interaction. The DCI702 is an ‘Easy-Muscle Back Iron’ that redefines what a muscle back iron can be. Now available in a limited edition black model.
Made in Japan Model.

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Process 1:Mold
Mold With accurate mold, it makes highly accurate irons.

Process 2:Round Bar
Process2: Round bar Soft iron material is SS400 which is softer than usual. Round bar is heated until 1200℃.

Process 3:Forging
Forging Round bar is forged momentary by 1 ton pressure by air hammer. After rough punching, finish punching follows.

Process 4:Finish
Finish After finish punching, shot by small iron particle to remove scrap metal on a surface, and forging is ready by holing for hosel.

Engraving and Adjustment

Process 1:Press
Press After being engraved, press the score line by 200t pressing machine. Our companies’ are U-slot as suitability model

Process 2:score line
Score line is finished.

Process 3:Adjustment
Adjustment Loft adjustment Adjust being punched by a hummer every loft, lie angle and FP etc. which makes them accurate. Each one is no doubt handmade.

Process 4:Measurement
Measurement They measure lie angle by a special measuring instrument, loft angle by a protractor and FP by a ruler. That is the repetition of these works.


Process 1
Rough Polishing We rough polish in advance by #80 paper for a shape, a weight and a bounce etc.

Process 2
Vibration barrel They are polished automatically in the barrel where there are polishing stones for 7 to 8 hours. Because of this, the coarse of #80 paper is removed and the corner becomes round uniformly.

Process 3
Finish-polishing They are polished by more fine-grained paper and cloth buff.

Process 4
Automatic Polisher After the finish-polishing, they put into a discrete automatic polisher where there are small polishing stones and polish automatically for 90 minutes.

Process 5
Finishing After the centrifugal barrel, we inspect and plate. After the plating we inspect again, it follows the blasting on face, the coloring and the final upwash, then the product is ready.


limited company Fujimoto technician


Made in JAPAN
Head Material Mild steel carbon
Manufacturing process Forged / No Plating Gun Blue(Black)
Yearm #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 PW
Loft(°) 24 27 30 34 38 42 46
Lie(°) 61.5 62 62.5 63 63.5 63.5 63.5
Head Weigth(g) 246 254 262 270 278 286 294
Dynamic Gold S200 Shaft Flex S200
Shaft Weight(g) 129
Length(inc) 37.75(#5)
Swing Weight D2
Kick Point High
Torque 1.6
Total Weight(g) 432(#5)
N.S.PRO 950GH Shaft Flex R / S / X
Shaft Weight(g) 98(S)
Length(Inch) 38.0(#5)
Swing Weight D1
Kick Point Mid
Torque 1.9
Total Weight(g) 401(#5)
DOCUS For Iron Shaft Flex R
Shft Weight(g) 55
Length(Inch) 37.75(#5)
Swing Weight D0
Kick Point Low
Torque 3.3〜3.9
Total Weight(g) 358(#5)
Price #5-PW(6 set) Dynamic Gold S200 Shaft-mounted model ¥144,000
#5-PW(6 set) N.S.PRO 950 GH Shaft-mounted model ¥144,000
#5-PW(6 set) DOCUS For Iron Shaft-mounted model ¥192,000
#4 Dynamic Gold S200 Shaft-mounted model ¥24,000
#4 N.S.PRO 950 GH Shaft-mounted model ¥24,000
#4 DOCUS For Iron Shaft-mounted model ¥32,000


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