Easy FW: high trajectory and long distance, deep feeling.
It promise strong trajectory by tungsten rubber
and the SC (*spin control pocket) make proper spin rate same as 1W,
and make easy to address, can image good trajectory and the target.

●It’s possible to control ball trajectory by 3weight and variable sleeve.
●It push hitting up from backside carrying by tungsten rubber.
●It make good face advance by high body rigidity.
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Assembled in JAPAN
Head Material Body/CH-1 Hi-Maraging
Face/ 17-4SUS
Manufacturing process Casting, Black IP
Loft(°) F3(15) / F5(18) (±1 degree variable)
Lie(°) 60 / 60.5 (±1 degree variable)
Head Weight(g) 218 / 223 (with sleeve)
Attached Weight 2g(S)*1,3g(S)*1,5g(L)*1
Remark Accessories Head cover, Sleeve
Other *Notation data is designed numerical value.
Please understand that the measured value may be slightly different from the design value.

*We are not provide to customer as only head.
*Torque Wrench(Sold separately):¥3,300

Slugger T2 FW (S) Flex R / SR / S
Shaft Weight(g) 52.5(S)
Club Length(Inch) 43 / 42
Balance D1.5
Kick-Pint Mid(S)
Torque(°) 4.3
Total Weight(g) 318 / 323(±3)
with Slugger T2 FW ¥60,500
Other Replacement Weight(S:2g,3g,5g/L:3g,5g) ¥990(tax included)
Wrench ¥3,300(tax included)


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