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Assembled in JAPAN
Head Material Body/17-4Stainless
Face/T10Ti Cup Face
Manufacturing Forged face, forged cup face
Loft (°) 10/11 (±1 variable)
Lie angle (°) 61 (+1 variable)
Face angle -1 (±1 variable)
Volume (cc) 455
Head weight (g) 188 (including sleeve)
Installation weight 2g×3 (with weights attached)
with notes Accessories Genuine head cover, sleeve (tri wrench, 3 replacement weights, 1 spare sleeve)

*The notation data is the design value. Please note that the measured values may differ slightly from the design values.

*We do not sell individual heads to users.
* Exclusive sleeve (sold separately): 5,500 yen (tax included)
*Replacement weight (sold separately):
Large (small 3g/large 5g/small 2g) 990 yen each (tax included)
*Torque wrench (sold separately): 3,300 yen (tax included)

TRNITY (SR) Flex R / SR / S
Shaft weight (g) 57 (SR)
Club Length (Inch) 45.75
Balance D1
Kick point W-Kick
Torque (°) 3.2
Total weight (g) About 301(±3)
RADAR2 DR Flex R / SR / S / X
Shaft weight (g) 53(SR)
Club Length (Inch) 45.75
Balance D1
Kick point Mid(S)
Torque (°) 3.5
Total weight (g) About 297g (±3)
Price RELOADED+ LADY FW HEAD ¥52,800 (tax included)

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