Japan Forged Iron satin -Limited Edition-


Experience the exquisite craftsmanship and

exceptional quality of Japan Forged golf irons.

【Japan Forged MB Iron】 Meticulously crafted to pursue exceptional
performance, the muscle back iron boasts a unique blend of power and
precision. With a stunning design and unparalleled feel, it delivers
outstanding distance and surprising forgiveness, thanks to the innovative
semi-center of gravity achieved by reducing the weight on the upper back

【Japan Forged CB Iron】 Forged with the utmost care and precision, the cavity
back iron showcases the exceptional quality and artistry of Japanese
craftsmanship. Its beautifully designed cavity back provides a wide sweet
spot and high rebound performance, while the distinctive neck shape
ensures a sharp, elegant look. Enjoy the perfect balance of form and function
with the semi-large head and soft-forged feel of the Japan Forged CB Iron.

Made in JAPAN
Head Material CB SS400
Manufacturing Forged
Color Silver
Finish Satin finish
Number #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 PW
Loft (°) CB 22 25 28 32 36 40 45
MB 22 25 28 32 36 41 46
Lie angle (°) CB 61 61.5 62 62.5 63 63.5 64
MB 61 61 62.5 62.5 63 63.5 64
Head weight (g) CB 244 252 260 268 276 284 292
MB 244 252 260 268 276 284 292

*The notation data is the design value. Please note that the measured values may differ slightly from the design values.
*We do not sell individual heads to users.

MB Iron Price Head only #4, #5 single item 26,000 (JPY)
Head only #5-PW set 156,000(JPY)
CB Iron Price Head only #4, #5 single item 26,000 (JPY)
Head only #5-PW set 156,000(JPY)

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