Introducing our latest addition to the golf club lineup – the Reloaded+ M Irons. A true muscle back crafted with premium soft forged steel and enhanced with elements of the popular hollow-body design of the Reloaded+ irons.

Reloaded+M Irons are designed for serious golfers who appreciate the traditional look and feel of a muscle back, combined with the benefits of modern technology. Despite its athlete-inspired compact shape, the low center of gravity produces a forgiveness, with the soft S20C steel providing a responsive and comfortable feel. The industry-first full face scorelines design ensures consistent spin, even on off-center hits from challenging lies such as the deep rough.


*Traditional Muscle Back Design with Innovative Interchangeable                         Weights System provides an unprecedented level of Fine-tune                              options.                                                                                                        *Full Face Grooves technology provides confidence and control                          on any types of turf and lie condition.                                                    *Precision CNC milled Muscle Back design delivers a balance of                     power, performance and a soft solid responsive feels.                               *Adjustable 2, 3 and 5g interchangeable weights added MOI and                 support preferred spin and bias settings, making it a versatile                     choice for golfers of all skill levels.  


  • RELOADED+ M Iron
  • RELOADED+ Iron
  • RELOADED+ M Iron
  • RELOADED+ Iron
  • RELOADED+ Iron


Assembled in JAPAN  
Head Material Body: S20C
Manufacturing Forged
Color Silver
Wear Weight #7: 2g,3g,5g
number #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 PW
Loft (°) 22 25 28 32 36 40 45
Lie angle (°) 61.5 62 62.5 63 63.5 64 64
Head weight (g) 246 254 262 270 278 286 294

*The notation data is the design value. Please note that the measured values may differ slightly from the design values.

*We do not sell individual heads to users.

Head price Head body SILVER #4 single item 24,000 (JPY)
Head body SILVER 5-PW set 144,000 (JPY)
Head body BLACK #4 single item 28,600 (JPY)
Head body BLACK 5-PW set 156,000 (JPY)
sold separately Replacement Weight Black/Silver (2g, 3g)</ a>                                 900 (JPY)
Replacement Weight Black/Silver (5g, 6g)</ a>

                             1,200 (JPY)


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