DCD711 Lefty


About 3 years after receiving high evaluation by everyone with high flight distance performance. Lefty model of New driver DCD711 inherit the lineage of DCD701!
Reduce air resistance during downswing with REr(Reduce empty resistance) System placed in the crown!
In addition, by increasing the acute angle of the depression on the left and right of the sole, the head strength is increased by up, Minimize extra deflection and reduce impact loss at impact. It does not bend, it makes a flying distance with a strong impact.
The basic shape has inherited almost 701.
Aiming for further flight distance and ease of striking.
Left handed model of New Driver DCD 711.
There is a high resilience model.


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Assembled in JAPAN
Head Material Face:6-4 Titanium,
15-3-3-3 Titanium(HI COR)
Body:6-4 Titanium
Manufacturing process Casting, Black IP
Loft(°) 9.5 / 10.5 /11.5
Lie(°) 59
Volume(cc) 455
Head Weight(g) 195
DOCUS Slugger Type-T Shaft Flex R / SR / S / X
Shaft Weight(g) 59.0(X)
Length(Inch) 45.25
Balance D1.0
Kick Point Mid(S)
Torque(°) 4.3
Total Weight(g) R:299 / SR:301 / S:302 / X:305
DOCUS Slugger Type-D Shaft Flex SR / S / X
Shaft Weight(g) 69(S)
Length(Inch) 45.25
Balance D1.5
Kick Point Mid(S)
Torque(°) 3.3
Total Weight(g) SR:310 / S:312 / X:315
DOCUS Slugger 2 Shaft Flex SR / S / X
Shaft Weight(g) 65(S)
Length(Inch) 45.25
Balance D1.0
Kick Point Mid-Low
Torque(°) 5.6 / 5.2 / 4.8
Total Weight(g) SR:304 / S:308 / X:312
Price DOCUS Slugger Type-T Shaft-mounted model 608 USD
DOCUS Slugger Type-D Shaft-mounted model 724 USD
DOCUS Slugger 2 Shaft-mounted model 685 USD

※ HI COR model is + ¥10,000. Head weight, total weight is -3 g.


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