RAIDEN 2.1/2.6 Putter Black Shadow


This putter model features a stable semi-wide sole design with added weight on both sides of the toe and heel, resulting in a smooth stroke. The center of the sole showcases the trademark DOCUS logo made from aluminum material. Additionally, this design improves straightness during both the take-back and follow-through, while the sharp shape promotes heightened concentration and visually conveys a sense of high straightness.

The Raiden 2.1/2.6 incorporate a slightly more rounded sole design to provide support for a smooth address on any slope. This design element enhances the golfer’s ability to make consistent strokes and maintain proper alignment, resulting in more accurate putts.

  • RAIDEN 2.1パター
  • RAIDEN 2.1パター

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Assembled in JAPAN
Material body:Soft Iron CNS Mark:Aluminum
Manufacturing process CNC Milled
Loft(°) 3
Lie(°) 73
Head Weight(g) 360
Shaft Steel/ Carbon(DOCUS for PUTTER)
Shaft weight(g) Steel 139 / Carbon 135
Club length(Inch) 32 / 33 / 34 / 35
Price Steel Shaft-mounted model 45,000J PY
Docus for Putter Shaft-mounted model 59,000 JPY


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