【Launching in April 2024】 RELOADED+ NEO Driver


Elevate your game to the next level!                                 

Unleashing DOCUS’s Ultimate Power: Unprecedented Distance and Accuracy!

The industry’s first carbon-infused W face, optimizing the COR rate for exceptional rebound performance.             

Maximize your distance and deliver the ultimate drive to every golfer!                             

The cutting-edge Carbon-Infused W Face maximizes rebound for substantial carry and exceptional distance.                                    

The W Face and S/C Pocket strategically position the center of gravity slightly forward, achieving optimal spin and extending roll distance, resulting in a remarkable increase in Total Yardage!                                         

Enhance the stability of your straight-line performance with our high Moment of Inertia (MOI) design.                                                                       

The W Face showcases a sophisticated design with a carbon sheet inside the titanium, ensuring a soft and responsive feel by effectively absorbing impact forces.                              

Crafted with the W Face effect, achieving a low, muted sound for a smooth and satisfying strike.                          

Tuning with Reloaded Weight System to customize the perfect match for every golfer.               





Assembled in JAPAN
Head Material BODY:TI811Casting + Carbon
FACE:ZAT158TI Forged + Carbon
Material Manufacturing Method BODY:TI811Casting + Carbon Crown
FACE:ZAT158TI Forged + carbon insert face
Loft(°) 10/11 (±1)
Lie(°) 59/60 (±1)
FA(°) S3/S1
Volume(cc) 460
Head Weight(g)


With notes accessories sleeve/head cover

*The data shown are design values. Please note that the actual measured values may differ slightly from the designed values.

*We do not sell individual heads to users.

Model Name RELOADED+ NEO Driver (head) 570(USD)



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