REVOLUTION is first model that mount tungsten rubber in the world.
Your long distance by strong trajectory and proper spin rate!

It produces by tungsten rubber inside weight rear part of head.
And the SC (*spin control pocket) hold down excessive spin rate,
The result that proper spin rate: 2000 RPM.
Additionally improve in the initial speed by the quattro-H structure that DOCUS product.

●It’s possible to control ball trajectory by 3weight and variable sleeve.
●It push hitting up from backside carrying by tungsten rubber.
●It make good face advance by high body rigidity

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Assembled in JAPAN
Head Material Body/Ti
Face/ 6-4Ti
Manufacturing process Casting, Black IP
Loft(°) 9.5/10.5(±1 degree variable)
Lie(°) 61(±1 degree variable)
Volume(cc) 455
Head Weight(g) About 199g (with sleeve)
Attached Weight 2g(S)*2,3g(L)*1
Remark Accessories Head cover, Wrench, Sleeve
Other *Notation data is designed numerical value.
Please understand that the measured value may be slightly different from the design value.

*We are not provide to customer as only head.

TRNITY (S) Flex R / SR / S
Shaft Weight(g) 60.5 (S)
Club Length(Inch) 45.25
Baance D1
Kick-Point W-Kick
Torque(°) 3.0
Total Weight(g) About 308g(±3)
Slugger T2 (S) Flex R / SR / S
Shaft Weight(g) 58(S)
Club Length(Inch) 45.25
Balance D1
Kick-Pint Mid(S)
Torque(°) 4.3
Total Weight(g) About 305g(±3)
Price with TRINITY ¥113,300
with Slugger T2 ¥96,800


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